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Dr. Saran’s Clinic, Bangkok Thailand

Welcome to the official website of board-certified, Plastic Surgeon Dr. Saran Wannachamras. Dr. Saran’s Clinic offers a full array of plastic surgery procedures to address all of your aesthetic goals. He and his talented team are committed to delivering first class treatment consisting of highly personalized care and exceptional results for all of their International patients.
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Dr. Saran Wannachamras
is a surgeon who specializes in cosmetic surgeries.
I chose Dr. Saran’s Clinic because my two friends had surgeries performed at his clinic. They were so pretty. I was very pleased with my results after surgery. Dr. Saran is superb. He had new techniques that I had never heard before. My face is slimmer and looks natural. Now, I am 100% confident in my looks. Not only does he have great skills, Dr. Saran has excellent aftercare for his patients. You can always return to see him if you experience complications. He will take good care of you. He is really nice and kind. I am really happy choosing Dr. Saran as my plastic surgeon. He’s the BEST!
You McLaughlin Group , 3rd Runner Up Miss Motor Show 2014.